IDENTIFICATION : Name printed on coating

Application field :

The low-hydrogen hardfacing electrode performs exceptionally well under extreme abrasive wear at operating temperatures upto 500°C . In conjunction with other high-grade alloying constituents, niobium carbide gives much better wear resistance than pure chromium carbide base like screw conveyors, impact breaker strips, slag crushers, sand-blasting plants, mixers, kneaders etc. as well as ore processing. Plants working at high temperatures.

Welding properties :

Welds well in horizontal and slightly upward positions. Recovery is approximately 200%.

Mechanical properties :

High-temperature resistant : upto 500°C

Hardness : upto 63 HRC

Welding instructions :

Guide the electrode steeply with medium-long arc. Excessive dilution with the parent metal is avoided by low amperage. If crack-free deposition is required or the weld metal is exposed to severe impacts, an austenitic interpass is recommended. However the full hardness id then attained only in the second or third pass.

Current type : DC (reverse polarity) and AC

Current adjustment :

Electrodes Ø mm 3.15 4.00 5.00
Amperage A 110-140 140-190 190-250